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Chimie, cours en anglais

Chemistry in English

Why chemistry? Why in English?

Chemistry touches almost every aspect of our day: from shower gel and coffee in the morning; grilled steak at lunch; hi-tech sportswear (and Perskindol) in the afternoon; computer screen and gummy bears at night.
Chemistry is often called "the central science" and knowledge of chemistry is important for future studies in engineering, medicine, pharmacy and science (for example forensics, geology and, of course, chemistry!).
English is the major language used in science today and the majority of scientific publications are in English. If you are interested in science, Chemistry in English will suit you.

Chemistry in English is immersive and all of the material will be in English, tailored to your language level. The course includes an important experimental aspect so we will spend a lot time in the lab. We will also use computers, read scientific articles and visit industrial or research institutions.

Ce cours n'est pas proposé pour la volée 21.

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